Red Box regularly support tender processes for clients in business and industry, offshore and remote sites, charities and the public sector and education. Our involvement always results in significant savings or an improved service provision and usually both.  With our vast experience in managing tenders across this wide range of industries, we are very well placed to ensure that our clients select the most suited contractor for their business.

Red Box’s level of support within a tender can be as detailed or as little as our clients require, from expert input into a scope of work, to full management of the whole process including writing of the tender documents, handling of clarifications, evaluation and attendance at contractor presentations. 

The following list highlights the areas that Red Box can support your tender with:

  • Selection of suitable tendering organisations or advertisement of the opportunity
  • Preparation, issuing and evaluation of pre-qualification questionnaires
  • Writing of robust tender documents, including, but not limited to; scope of work, qualitative information required from bidders, remuneration schedules, structure and wording
  • Assistance with answering clarification requests
  • Preparation of evaluation criteria and methodology
  • Evaluation of tenderer’s bids; either technical, financial or both
  • Issuing of post tender clarifications
  • Attendance at tenderers presentations, including the preparation of agendas
  • Negotiation with preferred contractors
  • Input and development of contractual agreement terms and conditions
  • Monitoring of contract mobilisation to ensure a smooth transition to the new service

Red Box’s expert input ensures that our clients’ tender processes are robust, both technically and procedurally, and result in the award of contract to the most suited contractor for their operation, at a price that represents the best value-for-money.