Once a new catering or facilities contract has started, or re-defined standards have been put into place with an in-house team, it is vital that all aspects of the services are regularly monitored or audited to ensure they are operating at the correct level and cost and that initiatives are being appropriately implemented.

For many organisations it is also important for their internal auditing procedures that the contract or service is regularly checked for value and compliancy. 

Red Box provide auditing and monitoring solutions for all industries, from offshore oil and gas platforms and remote sites to schools, universities, cafés and businesses.  We also tailor those services to best fit the individual requirements of each of our clients.

Our auditing and monitoring services cover a wide scope, ranging from examining or supporting one specific aspect of an operation, to full financial and service audits on large scale or multi-site locations. 

Red Box are pleased to provide auditing for the following areas:

  • Commercial/financial – one or all aspects of a contract’s or operation’s financial procedures and charges
  • Compliance – examining all aspects of the services for compliance against the contractual or service level agreement
  • Food service – looking at all menus, offers, tariffs, food presentation, customer services standards and marketing and measuring the standards against the contractor’s tender response, terms and conditions and industry best practice
  • Mystery shopper – visiting a site or sites, unannounced to the catering or facilities team, and measuring and scoring the service against standards pre-agreed with the client
  • Food safety – for more details please see the dedicated food safety page
  • Health, safety and environmental – for more details please refer to the dedicated, health, safety and environment page

Red Box’s monitoring services include regular scheduled meetings with both the client and contractor or in-house team, to ensure that actions from previous audits are closed out, areas of concern are highlighted at an early point, financial performance is documented and any under-performance is quickly identified and new initiatives are continually developed and implemented.  Following on from this Red Box are then best placed to pro-actively assist our client with any changes to the contractual terms, and the review of proposed budgets and new major initiatives.