Red Box are experienced in undertaking all types of catering and facilities management reviews, from a desktop review of a contract, to a full site services review to establish areas of improvement and recommendations to significantly improve your food service operation. 

Due to the wide ranging nature of Red Box’s work, we can recommend the latest innovations and developments from across a number of industries.  This puts us in the best position to review your catering or facilities service and ensure you are getting best value, the most up-to-date concepts and the highest standards.

Red Box can offer reviews in the key areas shown below.  However we always tailor our work to suit our clients’ specific requirements and can therefore cover any areas that need attention:

  • Strategic – review the current services and develop a strategy for the most appropriate offer and facilities or management options 
  • Financial – this can range from budget development to a desktop review of the current finances.  Red Box benchmark all areas of cost and highlight which could be operated more cost effectively
  • Value-for-money – review all aspects of a client’s operation, including catering gross profit, subsidy or net profit, operating costs, staffing and management fee and benchmarks these against industry standards.  The resulting findings will establish whether our client is receiving best value-for-money from their contractor or in-house service and recommend any improvements
  • Healthy eating – using Red Box’s in-house nutritional expertise, we can review the catering offer to ensure it meets our client’s requirements for healthy eating and well-being, and provides a nutritious and well balanced offer that is effectively promoted to the customers
  • Purchasing – a review of current suppliers and suggested alternatives and potential savings. Please look at our procurement sector for more information.
  • Vending – Red Box can assist with a review of our clients’ vending offer and provide expert advice on the range and tariff, equipment, contracts, payment, financing, pricing and maintenance solutions
  • Labour – Red Box can look at the current labour levels and structure, benchmark against industry standards and provide the most efficient and cost effective labour structure to specifically suit each catering or facilities service
  • Food service – this involves spending time at a client’s site to view the operation and subsequently provide recommendations to improve the offer, increase sales and service standards and develop the marketing methods to ensure that the catering operation is best suited to the requirements of the maximum number of customers.

By reviewing the specific areas of our clients’ catering or facilities management services which require attention, Red Box can provide tailored improvements thereby significantly increasing value and customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.