Today, more than ever, the commercial marketplace is highly competitive and rapidly evolving. It is therefore vitally important to regularly update the offer, develop the marketing strategy, provide a great environment and objectively measure customer opinion, at every location.  Red Box can provide tailored catering and facilities management consultancy to help you achieve these or to assist in other areas to develop your business. 

At Red Box we draw on experience from a variety of locations and industries to ensure we give the most up-to-date and relevant advice and support.  We have worked with commercial operations including:

  • Household-name high street cafes
  • Leading food shops and takeaways
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Racecourses
  • Catering companies

We can provide a wide range of services to support and develop your operation including: 

  • Strategic review and business plan development
  • Sales, profit and loss analysis
  • Food safety and health and safety HACCP system development, auditing and training
  • Purchasing analysis and supplier sourcing, negotiation and auditing
  • Tender management and support
  • Menu and food concept development
  • Development of a marketing strategy including use of social networking and technology
  • Project management and design support
  • Customer profiling and market research
  • Mystery shopper audits and future strategy development

This list is not exhaustive and we are flexible in our approach, so can adapt to fulfil your requirements

A small investment in Red Box’s time now will have a significant impact on the future success of your business.