Health, safety and environmental concerns are increasingly important issues for organisations of all sizes.  Red Box can provide assistance to our clients in health and safety for their catering and facilities operations or indeed for their business as a whole.  The key services that we offer are:

  • Review of an organisation’s health and safety governance arrangements
  • Health and safety policy and management system development
  • Auditing of health and safety management and policy implementation
  • Specialist management systems for a range of hazards including; asbestos, road risk, work-related stress, fire safety
  • Health and safety training; directors training on individual and corporate liability, manual handling, COSHH, Level 2 in Health and Safety in the Workplace or Health and Social Care, CIEH Intermediate Certificate in Supervising Health and Safety, CIEH Certificate in Risk Assessment Principles and Practice (General), CIEH Advanced Certificate in Health & Safety in the Workplace, delivery of bespoke health and safety training across a wide range of subjects.  For further details please see our section on Training.

With an increased awareness of the fragility of our environment and our impact on it, Red Box can work with our clients to develop a catering or facilities operation that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable through a reduced carbon footprint.  Red Box’s up to date knowledge provides us with the latest in environmental innovation. 

This can range from the selection of ethically and environmentally aware suppliers, to operational aspects such as the sourcing of packaging, disposables and chemicals with lower carbon footprint, lower energy consumptive and more efficient kitchen, cleaning and laundry equipment, to the selection of Fairtrade, locally produced, organic and ethically produced products and the reduction in, and recycling of, kitchen waste.. 

We can provide full environmental policy development for our clients’ hospitality and facilities services, as well as auditing their implementation.

Red Box as a company are firmly committed to working at a low carbon footprint, as well as providing a sustainable, safe and healthy environment for our clients, staff, neighbours and the community.