Red Box can provide the expertise and support fully integrated facility management to ensure the catering service and facilities management services within your schools achieve high standards. Within the ever developing world of the independent school marketplace there remains the need to provide a nutritious and sustainable catering offer and best value facilities services. High quality catering and facilities gives schools the competitive edge.


Red Box aim to provide a competitively priced consultancy service to our independent schools whether this is to support in house teams or outsourced contracts. We are very proud of delivering a Value for Money service.


Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience of working with a wide range of independent schools including preparatory schools, day schools including 6th forms, flexi boarding, full boarding, SEN Schools, single sex schools and international schools.   We are the experts and can ensure that the school has a compliant Facilities service, covering for example, food safety, training requirements, health and safety and robust tendering services.


Our consultants are based in the North of England at our head office in Harrogate. However Red Box's clients are from all across the UK, with work taking us from Cornwall to Kent to Aberdeen and all that’s in between!  All our work provides significant enhancements to the quality, safety and value of our clients' catering and facilities management services. If you would like to speak with one of our consultants about any aspect of your services, please request a no obligation meeting by emailing


The key areas that Red Box provide support are as follows:

  • Reviews; value-for-money, financial, strategic, health and well-being from prep to sixth form.
  • Menu analysis and development for both day pupils and boarders to ensure the food offer at your school impacts positively on a child’s wellbeing along with their academic and physical performance.
  • Tender management; providing expert input into tender processes, from the writing of robust and up to date specifications and remuneration packages, to assisting in the evaluation of tender responses.
  • Auditing and monitoring; compliancy, financial assistance with contractor escalation, renegotiation requests including budget negotiation, development of key performance indicators and service level agreements.
  • Procurement; shopping basket price reviews, food specification development - using the best local ingredients through sustainable and ethical procurement.
  • Training; food safety including Natasha’s Law, nutrition, food allergens and intolerances, food and menu development, management development, customer service skills.
  • Food safety; development of HACCP systems, supplier auditing, advice and policy formulation.
  • Red Box works with independent schools to provide project management when new facilities are being designed, built and equipped.  This can range from small kitchen refurbishments to the development of a whole new catering outlet.  We have up-to-date knowledge of industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers which we can draw on to ensure the most suitable contractor, equipment and design is provided.


Red Box recognise the importance of in house services and the benefits it can bring for our Clients and all our team relish the opportunity to support in house teams across all disciplines.  Some of the areas we can support in house teams are:

  • Operational audits
  • Full qualitative and financial survey reports
  • Budgeting planning and preparation
  • Purchasing & invoice administration
  • Personnel selection & training
  • Key performance indicators
  • Kitchen planning and equipment supply
  • Benchmarking and monitoring


Red Box never underestimate the importance of the facilities and the catering service in particular to the image of your school. The chefs and the catering team play an integral role in delivering great food and service that captures the imagination of their discerning customers. Creative and regular exciting special events will set your school food apart from the rest. Hospitality whether it’s for a match tea, Speech Day, or a cup of tea for a visiting parent, the hospitality must complement the quality and image of the school, showcasing the very best food and service. Red Box can support the chef with the development of innovative new menus and food presentation.


We are happy to help with any situation you may encounter or projects that you may need support with. Our services are very flexible and always tailored to our clients' specific needs and aims.