"The Most Overweight Generation"

Mar 05, 2018 editor

Cancer Research UK has found that millenials are "the most overweight generation" on record.

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A randomised controlled trial published by The BMJ suggests that school-based programmes aimed at preventing obesity in children are unlikely to have a significant impact on the current childhood obesity epidemic.

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Amazing Algae

Feb 22, 2018 editor

The latest superfood to appear on the food scene, algae is being praised not just for its intense flavour, but also its health benefits.

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School Dinner Struggle

Feb 12, 2018 editor

As the eating habits of children change and evolve, their expectations of school dinners are changing too. Combined with increasing costs, this makes increasing meal uptake in schools a real challenge. 

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Why Coffee May be Good for You

Jan 23, 2018 editor

According to new research published in The British Medical Journal (BMJ), drinking coffee is "more likely to benefit health than to harm it".

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Trendy Tastes

Jan 16, 2018 editor

Research conducted by TUCO highlights the latest trends popular amongst students, in order to help university caterers stay competitive against the high street.

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Healthy Packed Lunches

Dec 22, 2017 editor

Research conducted independently by packaging company Tetra Pak has shown that many parents struggle to provide their primary school-aged children with a healthy packed lunch.

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Calorie Confusion

Dec 05, 2017 editor

According to a recent survey by cheese spread brand The Laughing Cow, British men and women are drastically underestimating the number of calories they consume each day.

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The UK Government have asked Public Health England (PHE) to tackle the problem of excess calorie consumption by children. A year after the launch of “the world’s leading childhood obesity plan”, PHE are now considering evidence and will set goals for a calorie-reduction programme, which will aim to remove excess calories from children’s most-consumed foods.

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As the number of children and teenagers being treated for Type 2 diabetes has risen 14%, the Local Government Association (LGA) has described the situation as a “hugely disturbing trend”.

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