3 Ways to Improve Cleaning Services

Apr 21, 2020 editor

Many of our clients approach us as they feel they are not achieving value for money or cleaning standards are not as they anticipated. Here we look at three approaches to improving standards at your site.

  1. Review or retender the contract 

The procurement of cleaning services are of high importance and cost to our clients and the decision on which contractor you choose to provide your services must be fully explored. Tendering allows our clients to save money as well as improve on poor performing services and contractor relations. If you have not explored a tender in the last 5 years, we would recommend completing an exercise to ensure you are achieving the best possible package available to you. Tendering will likely gain you an improved service and investment, even if you end up remaining with the same provider.

  1. Create clear standards for in-house services

If you currently have an in-house cleaning service and do not wish to tender, we have always found that those without a systemised cleaning programme are open to poor standards or problems with consistency in service level.

It is widely accepted that well-trained and knowledgeable cleaning professionals can greatly enhance the perception of cleanliness and impact on visitors and occupants alike. In fact, cleaning operatives are at the front line of your business or organisation. The importance of adhering to best practice and attention to detail has never been more necessary as the public offers opinion and shares its experiences like no time before

    3. Benchmark your services against similar sites

Benchmarking allows you to compare your organisations costs and service level against similar organisations. A cleaning audit during cleaning progress at morning and evening cleaning sessions and a discussion of current service levels with all stakeholders allows for a thorough investigation. Review of floor plans, time allocation, cleaning specifications and materials can all be included. 

Outcomes expected can include an improvement plan for service development, training of staff, cleaning specifications and audit trails to monitor the standards going forward.

Red Box Consultancy Services Ltd would be very pleased to provide advice, guidance, report, and audit services as well as set out bespoke training and recording practices for your team. Please get in touch should this be of interest in your setting. 

We always offer a flexible service to suit your requirements and budget and therefore we work with clearly defined cost structures laid out from the beginning. We provide our customers with free phone and email support throughout the full contract lifetime of our tender service.