Improving Cleaning Standards: Inspection and Training

Mar 31, 2020 editor

Where independent cleaning quality inspections are carried out regularly, cleaning quality improves and motivation of cleaning operatives follows. Red Box are committed to promoting higher levels of cleaning and hygiene across all environments – commercial, domestic and public

Quite often the work cleaning operatives carry out is only recognised when it is not being done. We work with sites to recognise areas of strength and weakness in their cleaning programme and aim to assure your stakeholders that the cleaning service provided meets customer satisfaction.

By working with Red Box Consultancy Services Ltd., you can ensure your organisation is on the right path for quality cleaning standards.

Red Box can provide any of the following support services

  • Improved quality control for inhouse cleaning operations
  • Better procurement practices through our expert tender management service
  • Cleaning inspections and application of principles that allow accurate recording and judgement when inspecting the built environment
  • Benchmarking of services and costs against other similar operations
  • Written standardised cleaning guidelines for your site which assists operatives in understanding good practice techniques
  • Bespoke training courses focusing on- raising professional standards, employee health and wellbeing, training to protect operatives and assets, sustainability and best practice.
  • Red Box can provide an additional service to inspect the quality of cleaning services provided by a Contractor, assessing these standards against the tender submission.