Consider Red Box Checked Safety Precautions for Safe Reopening

May 26, 2020 editor

To ensure your site has professional and independently checked processes in place before reopening, Red Box are offering comprehensive audit, training and safe reopening services. Whether your services are in-house or contracted, independent audit can ensure necessary procedures are met.

When considering your reopening procedures and policies, Red Box are here to help. We are looking to support our clients to complete comprehensive cleaning and catering audits or health and safety checks either on their behalf or to ensure their processes are independently verified to create further peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Some key areas for consideration.

  1. Increased cleaning procedures

People working and moving within your site will want to feel safe. Part of this will be ensuring frequent cleaning, particularly of touchpoints. Providing wipes, disposable gloves and sanitiser will help colleagues and visitors feel more comfortable however documentation and training of these procedures are required. 

Deep cleaning periodically between groups or staff changes will also create security. Independent checks to ensure these cleans are happening to the correct standard will be integral to the cleaning regime and prevent complacency.

  1. Food and beverage options will need to change

Dining areas must have thorough and documented sanitisation and disinfection policies and procedures. Self-service stations are likely to be removed, as well as shared menus, and tableware. Disposable utensils and tableware should be considered to provide an extra layer of precaution for staff and visitors. Changes will need to be supported with training and recording procedures to ensure safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

  1. Allowing for social distancing

Even if your site is opening in a limited capacity, all people on site will want to maintain appropriate social distancing. Queues and areas of close contact will need to be marked out. Crowds must be avoided at all costs. Exhibition or restaurant areas for example will need to become more spatially aware and may need to limit capacity. Some areas within your site may need to be reconsidered, closed, or moved online to prevent contact. All these decisions will require close monitoring and audit to ensure social distancing is working in practice.

  1. Staff health and training

It is vital that staff members are looked after as well as visitors. Ensuring staff have access to appropriate personal protective equipment, such as masks, is just as important as imposing mask wearing in certain settings.  

An increase in staff training is likely to be required to ensure staff are comfortable having important conversations with visitors or other stakeholders on site. New cleaning and safety precautions will need to be communicated and documented to ensure all members of the team are accountable and informed.

  1. Using technology will be important

Hands-off solutions are required to create safer environments after Covid-19. After months of being told not to touch objects and to avoid physical contact, technology will provide a safety blanket for all visitors and staff onsite. 

Moving focus to card only payments for example, will allow for better distancing. Any systems in place used to take money, will need to be considered and amended to prevent contact. 

Red Box intend to offer a reopening service to suit our clients. No support is to big or too small. We will be providing independent reassurance that your site is meeting industry and legal expectations. Red Box will provide full or bespoke auditing of your site, while practicing social distancing regulations and wearing full personal protective equipment. For more information on this service, please contact us through linkedin or at