4 Top Tips for Effective Team Communication during the COVID-19 Crisis

May 13, 2020 editor

In terms of communication, there are some immediate challenges to consider, such as the commercial impact and the mental health of your team.

Along with a huge number of other businesses, Red Box are currently practicing remote working and have team members under 'furloughed worker' status. There is a risk that team members can quickly become isolated, anxious and uncertain.

Communication with your teams during lockdown, was something Red Box highlighted recently as being essential to your ongoing planning. Now Lockdown has lightened, even modestly, we would reiterate the importance of good commincation to maintain team engagement and business continuity.  The consequences of poor communication management, especially within the industries we collaborate with, can be commercially limiting too in the log run.

We have been practicing social calls and keeping each other engaged while ensuring an agenda for the business is shared. We are hopeful, that in this way, Red Box will hit the ground running when we are able to operate in a more 'normal' way. Despite the working team being somewhat smaller at present, social engagement ensures our team will be on-board when the time comes. We are also keen to keep the wellbeing of our team and those around them at the forefront of our plans.

This periodof crisis will change the way we work forever, however, whatever the future workplace looks like, the need to communicate will still remain. Although that may be through a screen for a while longer. In the mean time, here are our four top tips for team communication during the crisis.

Be proactive –  check in with your team regularly. Keep the trust and confidence alive.

Speak to the individual - not just the team as a whole. Ensure you understand each team member’s situation and concerns. This will help you working as a whole and will ensure you know where strengths lie to pull you through the crisis.

Be honest about the future - compassion and honesty are priceless at this time. It is better to say, ‘I don’t know’, and work through things tollgether.

Maintain one format for communication – keep any team communications fair, consistent and concise so no one misses any information.

For any business support and strategy planning during these uncertain times, Red Box as always, are happy to offer a no obligation phone consultation. Give us a call and share your concerns with us.