Why Use a Consultancy to Tender FM, Catering or Cleaning Services?

Apr 14, 2020 editor

Red Box lay out the advantages for you here.

We at Red Box pride ourselves on our ability to design a bespoke strategic procurement package. The procurement of FM, cleaning and catering services are of high importance and cost to our clients and the decision on which contractor you choose to provide your services must be fully explored. Our team of experts know what good looks like and we have a proven track record in helping to save our clients money as well as improve on poor performing services and contractor relations

The full procurement process for an outsourced catering, cleaning or FM service is complex which is where our consultants come in. They can provide you with support throughout the entire process. Red Box can;

  • ensure that you adhere to the Public Contract Regulations while getting the best commercial results
  • ensure you maximise quality.
  • evaluate your opportunities to return on investment
  • look for innovation in our tender process
  • seek transparency and value for money.

Problem areas often causing obstacles for clients when completing a process.

Time – allowing enough time for the process is key to achieving a positive outcome for your contract. At the start of the process ensure you provide yourself and the suppliers with enough time to run an effective tendering process. A rushed process often means an unsuccessful one. Red Box always ensure enough time is planned for each stage and communicate this clearly to all parties throughout the process.

Clearly defined evaluation criteria and weightings – having clear definitions assists in the compliancy and effectiveness in evaluating the submissions. Red Box will tailor the criteria and weightings so that it is relevant to the requirements of your unique organisation.

Site visit – due to every site being individual it’s important that the suppliers can visit the site to gain a thorough understanding of what is required. Red Box can facilitate this stage for you and support with answering any questions from potential partners.

Using a consultancy service can provide the following advantages:

  • Expertise to enable to you to buy in confidence, as opposed to being sold an unsuitable service
  • Evaluate your current specification and highlight areas for improvement
  • Produce professional specifications and tender documentations
  • Host site visits including a detailed question and answer session with suppliers
  • Evaluate tender returns and lead supplier presentations
  • Provide detailed feedback to all unsuccessful suppliers
  • Appoint and manage the successful supplier across the contract lifecycle through our monitoring package

We always offer a flexible service to suit your requirements and budget and therefore we work with clearly defind cost structures laid out from the beginning. Our costs are usually advised as more than covered in savings made.The savings you can make through a well delivered  process has the potential to equate to additional spending in other key areas of your site. We provide our customers with free phone and email support throughout the full contract lifetime of our tender service