How to Prepare for Reopening

Apr 28, 2020 editor

Concerned about whether you will have time to hit the ground running and fully prepare areas when workplaces get the green light?

You may be lacking in time or confidence to ensure that all checks and actions are considered and carried out at your site once public spaces reopen. Some key points to consider when reopening your work environment.

Transparency- Keeping colleagues and stakeholders in the know is of vital importance. Have a plan and involve key people. Communicate this to all employees and regular visitors as soon as possible.

Prepare the Building- Pre return inspections, cleaning and deep cleaning where required should all be planned in and monitored regularly. Cleaning of contact points, common areas and food areas should be priority. Open door policies and clear desks.

Staff Readiness- Employee communication is paramount. Ensure that staff rotas, meetings and retraining are all scheduled prior to reopening. Have policies in place to ensure safety of all. Listen to concerns and create reassurances. 

Control of people- Health and safety checks should be completed before anybody is allowed on site, and policies should be in place for those visiting or delivering to the building. Limiting the number of bodies on site and the flow of people should be the priority.

Social distancing- Schedules to reduce bodies on site at a given time should be implemented where possible. Distancing rules should be adhered to and managed through monitoring. Removing cash wherever possible. Delivered contactless services wherever possible. Grab and go food services and disposable dining options should be prepared.

Ongoing Cleaning- Regular cleaning of contact points and avoidance of contact should be implemented as far as possible. Audit and inspection of these tasks should be completed regularly throughout the prescribed period. Checking of all site equipment and functionality should be considered. 

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