On Campus: Branded Food and Drink Outlets

Nov 19, 2019 editor

TUCO the University Caterers Association, recently reported that branded food and drink outlets are being brought onto Campus from the high street.

The current trend to bring the highstreet onto campus has seen the University of Warwick launch a Pret A Manger for staff, visitors and students and the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, launch a Subway.

Director of Food and Retail at the University of Warwick said, ‘The opening of Pret A Manger is the latest exciting development in our new retail strategy based on customer research, which aims to offer a broader choice for students and staff, and encourage more people from the local community onto campus to eat, drink and shop'.

The university selected the retailer as one which shared its own vision for sustainability, as well as the excitement for bringing something new to Coventry, where Pret A Manger is yet to establish a high street outlet.

The Business Development Manager at UWE said, ‘Following student survey feedback, we realised that improving the university’s food offering was key to giving our students a great experience on campus’.

Fast service, high street competitive offer and variety are certainly key areas to focus on in a student environment and Red Box Consultancy Services can see the value in presenting students, visitors and staff with a current and established food offer. Bringing in an outside caterer with expertise and vision can ensure delicious options are available for all and allow consistancy throughout the day.

Red Box Consultancy Services recently worked on a project to review the catering at Manchester Metropolitan University and we are experienced in providing bespoke services which includes review and recommendation for university catering strategies. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the needs of your education site.