Going Green: Hygiene and cleaning within your business and premises

Sep 03, 2019 editor

Eco Friendly cleaning products are now the right choice for cleaning departments and hospitality.

Sustainability of product does not only apply when sourcing food from suppliers. Cleaning products are important in hospitality and other businesses such as schools and offices. Being green is now a priority for all and this applies to the chemicals being used on your premises.

Harmful substances have a negative effect on river eco-systems, sewers and drains. Considering a change to more positive options is more realistic than ever before with advances in technology and knowledge. Costs are now comparable with other products and so there is no longer a financial barrier to using all-natural products. Packaging with renewable plastics is also a consideration, and many are focused on creating 100% recyclable production.

Regular use of toxic cleaning products and sprays impacts on lung health and is comparable with smoking twenty cigarettes a day (University of Bergen). Toxic products increase asthma risks by 43% over a 20 year period. Technology now proves there is no doubt that skin irritation and other potential medical risks are reduced when using natural products.

But are eco-friendly products as effective and reliable? It is now possible for such products to beat MRSA and other harmful bacteria. All-natural cleaners are now designed specifically for food service and products such as washing up liquid, degreasers, descalers, sanitisers and antibacterial hand gels are on offer.

Use of cling film can also be limited with a small investment in reusable plastic food covers. These a very versatile and can be used to cover all shapes and sizes of food container.

Red Box are able to advise on appropriate suppliers, lines and provide COSHH training and advice for any business wishing to make the change to more sustainable cleaning  systems within their business.