Why switch to a Combi Oven?

Apr 13, 2021 editor

When working with clients, we quite often recommend the installation of a combination oven to improve quality and consistency in cooking. But there are other benefits too.

Combination ovens can replace a number of kitchen appliances including steamers, convection ovens, griddles, regeneration ovens and grills. It is certainly worth including in a new kitchen, as although it will present a high cost outlay, it will perform multi level techniques and processes, meaning you will require less equipment overall.

Manufacturers estimate that a combi oven will save 20% energy consumption, compared with traditional appliances. Most cooks and chefs we come across do not make the most of their combi oven or understand its full potential. The Carbon Trust finds that if they utilised overnight cooking then they would make additional energy savings. Overnight slow cooking also enables chefs to get better results from cheaper cuts of meat.

Modern cooking involves a wide variety of international cookery methods, which can be emulated by utilising the functions found on these modern appliances in a much more authentic way than using a traditional convection oven. Adding steam to a sponge bake, allows a lighter and perfected moist cake. Working with teams to ensure settings to perfect the cooking technique, and saving these functions in a prerecorded digital cooking methodology, allows cooking to become fool proof and results to be consistent.

Breakfast has become a very important meal and is no longer limited to traditional options. Cookery utilising a combination oven allows speedy production of complex dishes early on in the day and at top speed. Traditional breakfasts can be produced in 10 minutes to include toast, eggs and your delicious bacon and sausage all produced in the same appliance.

Combi ovens also have cleaning cycles available to ensure that the appliance is maintained regularly and ensures that services can be completed effectively.

For kitchens who do purchase one of these combis, there are free cookery tutorials available from sales reps who will train your teams to utilise their new combi oven to its full potential. Find out more at rational-online.com