Adapting our Business Post-Covid

Aug 25, 2020 editor

Business change and transformation is necessary today more than ever. Red Box has had to adapt along with everyone else. The challenge has been rethinking our ways of working to ensure survival and relevance.

Any change requires bold, determined, and consistent leadership to reach success. So, when navigating these turbulent seas, Red Box have used some strategic steppingstones.

Why Change?- Red Box have tried to identify problem statements, opportunities, and aspirational goals. Our why has been a need to broaden our portfolio and look at how we can support community and industry needs post-covid. We have found ourselves with a slightly larger team in a changing marketplace, which has meant we have needed to work to develop existing relationships and embrace new opportunities quickly to find our buoyancy. We want to be diverse and creative in our services. A sense of urgency in our planning has created focus.

Team Buy-in- Red Box work in a team dynamic, both as a business and in partnership with many of our clients. Ensuring all team members understand the “why” when adapting our ways of working and what we are trying to accomplish means we all take ownership.

Sharing success- Any small gains must be championed to show that the right decisions are being made. This boosts morale and momentum for the development we want to see. Creating a plan for tracking and quantifying success is very powerful. Everyone knows that we are moving in the right direction and that focus is working. 

Accepting defeat- Change is hard and changing a culture or a way of working always takes longer than you think. Ultimately our aim has been to keep the team together and focus on the big picture. Talking to each other regularly about setbacks and challenges has been important. A humble realisation that we are not the first to experience these challenges and will not be the last is powerful.

Being open to further change- Consistency through the highs and lows and constant adaption has been a further challenge. In enterprise, we are faced with new trends or new information on a rolling cycle. We have discovered things we did not know about in the beginning. This period of adaption and flexibility within our business has brought about many positives. We have been gifted time for planning and strategising. We have seen many examples of how great businesses and their people can pivot quickly, especially when we are working in a world which seemingly changes daily. Having an unwavering eye on your long-term vision helps. Challenges do not define us; success stories are the happy ending.