School Catering and Cleaning Services: Considerations for your 20/21 budget.

Jun 17, 2020 editor

The return to school in September 2020 will be like no other we have known. We know that services will need to be looked at for both flexibility and cost as uncertainty, difference in requirements and delivery are all considerations for school decision makers going forward.

Never, have cleaning and catering services been so relied up. Key work staff have done a magnificent job in keeping our schools open throughout the pandemic so far. We hope that the food provided to every child has ensured their health and wellbeing, as positively as the cleaning services.

Partnership has been the key to a successful continuation of disrupted ‘normal’ service and we are hopeful that clients have worked with their service providers to find solutions and workarounds. Relationships have strengthened as people have pulled together to get through the crisis.

When turning our attention to what is to come, there are obviously changes in circumstances which have hindered commitments and programs of investment, as well as service and quality. The pandemic may have resulted in reduced or strained services through no one’s fault. It is important to reflect on this time and plan accordingly for the changes ahead.

When considering your service budgets for September 2020;

Labour costs are likely to have changed. Team management and flexible structure may create problematic budgeting. You may have lost confidence in your contractor, or you may feel they do not have all the answers themselves. Changes to the delivery of services can both increase and decrease costs substantially.

Budgets for PPE may not have been negotiated and there could be different ideas about the level and cost of these items.

As things stand, flexibility and adaptability are incredibly important to current school services and everything remains in a short-term shift.

Red Box Consultancy Services are experienced in analysis of service budgets and we have the benefit of a broad spectrum of clients who will be experiencing the exact same issues. Finding a solution is certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ task. Our knowledge can assist you through innovative and creative problem solving. We would be happy to discuss your concerns and requirements within your changing service budgets and would look to provide a range of bespoke solutions and advice to guide you through any planning.


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