The Brunch Trend: As popular as ever!

Dec 11, 2019 editor

Our lifestyles are changing and so are our eating habits. Caterers must provide this mealtime option to remain competitive.

Eating times are becoming far less rigid as diners no longer stick to meal times and can’t seem to get enough of the breakfast/lunch hybrid. This new way of living has had an impact on the high street where trendy brunch offers are becoming the norm and it has proved a lucrative venture for those establishments that choose to offer it and thefoodpeople have earmarked it as a key trend in their Food and Beverage Trends 2019-2020 report.

One of the reasons why brunch offerings continue to rise in popularity is their serving time. Offered after traditional breakfast hours are over, it allows restaurants to fill seats in the lull before lunchtime while offering diners a convenient way to order breakfast-style foods into the early afternoon.

While brunch can be served all week, the weekend is when diners seek it out the most, as it is seen as the ideal way to indulge on a lazy Sunday morning or as a means of recovery from that pesky hangover. Bottomless brunches have become very trendy, offering unlimited drinks to accompany their chosen dishes with bookings up 65% in two years, driven by millennials who are far more likely to eat breakfast and brunch out of their homes than other age groups.

Instagram and social media have also played a large part in the appeal of brunch is how visually appealing the dishes usually are, making them ideal for sharing and this means the targeted customers of millennials and Gen Z, both demographics known for their frequent social media use, have given rise to further success.

Often mixing sweet and savoury options and with a focus on fresh and healthy choices, the one consistent theme across brunch offerings is the focus on egg-based dishes, bridging the gap between traditional breakfast and lunch dishes.

To satisfy those looking for something more akin to lunch, take note of the rising influence of global cuisine with Mexican and Japanese influences.

Traditional breakfast menus just will not cut it any longer!