Trained Cleaning Staff: Front Line Defence

Nov 05, 2019 editor

In recent past Red Box have supported a number of schools with in-house cleaning training and auditing. This kind of work can extend into most environments and establishments. Those without a systemised cleaning programme are welcome to investigate how Red Box can support them.

It is widely accepted that well-trained and knowledgable cleaning professionals can greatly enhance the perception of cleanliness and impact on visitors and occupants alike. In fact, cleaning operatives are at the front line against the spread of illness. The importance of adhering to best practice and attention to detail has never been more necessary as the public offers opinion and shares its experiences like no time before.

It is well documented and anecdotal that poor cleaning practices can lead to illness breakouts in public spaces. Even personnel with the best intentions may be unaware of their part in spreading winter diseases and it is therefore paramount that adequate training and monitoring is implemented to ensure the highest standards.

Hidden costs such as absenteeism, loss of custom and reputation, asset failure e.g. flooring and equipment due to lack of procedure, are all reasons to ensure professional cleaning in your setting. 

Well trained and organised cleaning operatives provide less disruption, ensure less complaints and increase moral and motivation within their team.

Documenting this education and training is equally important. Certification and record keeping ensure that the standards are maintained and consistant.

Red Box Consultancy Services Ltd would be very pleased to provide advice, guidance, report and audit services as well as set out bespoke training and recording practices for your team. Please get in touch should this be of interest in your setting.