Snacks Becoming Socially Conscious

Oct 15, 2019 editor

In a world with a throw away culture, it is refreshing to see that some spirited companies are looking to provide a more tasteful slant on modern day gluttony.

The millennial generation is the group that places the most value on where their food and beverages come from through things like sustainable farming, fair trade and zero waste, as reported by Food & Wine.

An "Ethics On the Go" survey found that millennials even hold their snacks to a higher standard compared to other consumer groups. It found that while nearly all participants value responsible food and drink practices, consumers younger than 35 care the most.

A recent Oxfam study showed that leading global brands are failing to ensure the well-being of the workers who produce their products and are continuing to profit from a broken system they should be helping to fix.

The charity has compiled a Behind the Brands scorecard, which rates the "big 10" food companies. It looks at;

transparency of their supply chains and operations, how they ensure the rights of workers, how they protect women's rights, the management of water and land use, their policies to reduce the impacts of climate change, the rights of the farmers who grow their ingredients.

When we look at the usual grab and go offerings on the high street and in our office buildings, we often don't consider our choices in too much depth. Could we provide smarter and more ethically minded and socially concious options?

As well as organic and FairTrade, smaller companies are working to present more positive choices, as well as incentivised purchasing. Some examples:

  • Hippeas puffed chickpea snacks, give back to the environment as the plant naturally releases nitrogen into the soil. The company also supports local charities.
  • Howdah? are a family company making Indian inspired snacks more serious. The sale of every pack pays for one free school lunch for a child in need.
  • BE-KIND snack bars are also committed to using its business as a vehicle for social change. Its BE-KIND Movement inspires everyday acts of kindnes and The KIND Foundation works to create kinder, more empathetic communities.

We could all do to be a little more socially concious!