Cater Consult and Red Box Support Partnership

Oct 23, 2018 editor

Red Box are proud to introduce a support partnership with Fergus Walsh from Cater Consult. Fergus will be working with the team on larger projects and providing expertise in marketing, branding and conceptual design.

From the back of a kitchen at 16, through kitchen management to directorships, Fergus has been involved in many aspects of the food service industry. His highlights, in chronological order,  include being Catering Officer for Glasgow City Council, a Regional Director with Eurest, part of the Compass Group, Managing Director of Foodservice Management Ltd., a catering consultancy, and more recently being founder of The Wicked Coffee Company, a national branded coffee company with over 140 outlets alone serving Wicked Coffee within Universities and Colleges, across the UK. 

After 17 years at the helm of The Wicked Coffee Company, Fergus now wants to share his extensive experience, knowledge and understanding with others, to boost, enhance and grow their own food service businesses.

Fergus's areas of expertise within Red Box include;

  • Conceptual Design
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Integration
  • Operational Management
  • Marketing & Merchandising provides additional information regarding Fergus and his pervious clients include; 

  • National Union of Students
  • Leeds City Council
  • ISS Mediclean
  • Beamish Museum
  • Abertay University, Dundee