UK Skill Shortage Requires Government Support

Apr 09, 2018 editor

According to a government-commissioned report from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), government support is needed to address the UK's skill shortage. 

The report found that most employers do not deliberately hire migrant workers - they seek to hire the best available candidate. The report said that migration limits would be "very likely" to lower growth in output and total employment.

However, according to the report "employers denied that low wages were part of the image problem but when, for example, 95% of jobs in hospitality pay below average hourly earnings, we were not always convinced by this argument."

According to Kate Nicholls, UKHospitality chief executive: "Most encouragingly, the report identifies the need for vocational reform and education within the UK, to help support a vibrant and dynamic hospitality sector that nonetheless sometimes struggles to attract employees from within the UK".

"The MAC's report highlights the perception of hospitality in other European countries as a first-choice career and the need for action in the UK to adopt the same approach. UKHospitality is committed to working closely with the Government on this important reform - supporting vocational education, apprenticeships and T Levels - to help promote the sector and secure the future of its workforce following withdrawal from the EU."

UK businesses were "rightly worried" about what a future migration system might look like once the UK leaves the EU, according to Competitiveness Director at the Food and Drink Federation, Angela Coleshill. She believes the final report "must fully address these concerns".

The final report will be published in September 2018.